Anapolon 50 (Anadrol drug) for bodybuilding in Australia


Anapolon 50 (Anadrol drug). This steroid is intended for the recruitment and increase of muscle mass in athletes who are involved in hard sports. Anapolon 50 is produced by Aaster Solutions, Europe, a well-known company in sports pharmacology. Weight-gaining aids help athletes achieve positive results in leaning muscle mass.



Anadrol drug is used as an active ingredient in Anapolon 50. This steroid is an excellent drying tool. Anapolon 50 5 packs (500 tabs (50 mg)) has a powerful androgenic effect, and its anabolic properties are moderate. The high androgenic index of the drug is associated with the nature of the steroid. Surely you know that it is this substance in the body that has the strongest androgenic effect.